Keeping It Clean


This document outlines the actions a computer owner should use to keep a computer running properly. The actions involve using a set of tools to check the files on the computer and insure no infections of malware or viruses. While other tools may be just as good, these are the ones we use and recommend.


AVG Anti-virus. Avg, when properly set up, will automatically scan the computer on a periodic basis. The recommended scan frequency is once per week. The user does not need to do anything except to periodically open the program and check when the last scan occurred, just to make sure the program is operating properly.


Malware Bytes Anti Malware.  Malware bytes should be updated and a scan should be run a minimum of once per month. This program will find malware that AVG does not report. These infections can slow down a computer and subject it to confidential information being stolen.


Super Anti Spyware.  Super Anti Spyware finds malware similar to that found by Malware Bytes, but in our experience, it finds more of them, in particular, tracking cookies. We recommend once per month for this program also.


Eusing Registry Scanner. Eusing scans the Windows registry and removes invalid entries.  This cleansing of the registry entries keeps the number of entries as small as possible.  Excessive invalid registry entries slows down the operation of the operating system. We recommend running the Eusing registry scanner once a month.


The above programs represent our preferences and others might work just as well. The companies offering the programs above, however, seem to be very quick to update their databases after a threat becomes discovered. Also, they all have free versions of their program.