Leaf Broadleaf Computer Services

Most people who use computers in their work are familiar with spreadsheets, specifically Microsoft Excel™. Few computer users, however, are familiar with the use of Microsoft Access™, the database application which comes with MS Office™. When you have your information on several spreadsheets, and they need to be tied together in a package because the data in one spreadsheet is related to and/or affected by the data in another spreadsheet, it is time for a database. A well-constructed database can simplify the interface to and use of your data.

Broadleaf Computer Services is an expert at organizing data and constructing the relationships among various data tables (spreadsheets). Having data properly categorized and stored makes it easier to collect and access the data and produce the reports you need.

We will meet with you and discuss how a database might help you handle your information. Then we will create the database application for you, including setting up the ‘queries’ to produce the various views of the data you will need. We will also design simplified electronic forms to help you or your employees enter new data into the database. If appropriate, various views of the data can be put on line for others to access.