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Database Manager

Select the operation you wish to perform from the menu bar above.

Getting started. To begin working, you must first upload a table. A table consists of a spreadsheet, such as an Excel(TM) application, saved as a text file with tab-delineated records. The spreadsheet must have column heading names as the first row of the table. To upload a table, select Upload Table on the menu bar. After uploading your table, you can display and modify the contents of the table.

Displaying records. To display information, select Display Records on the menu bar. You can display one or more records, depending on the search string you enter.

Editing Records. To edit a record, select Edit Records on the menu bar. Enter your search information to identify the record you want. Find the record you wish to modify among the records displayed. Note the buttons on the left side of each record. After editing the record of your choice, click on Chng to change the record on the server, incorporating your edits. Alternatively, you may click on Delto delete the selected record from the server.

Adding Records. To add a new record to the database, select New Record on the menu bar. This will display a form to enter new records into the database.

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