Leaf Broadleaf Computer Services

Broadleaf Computer Services evolved from many years of experience in the computer technology industry. Founder Peter Haigh received a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Princeton University in 1963. His first job was designing computer memories for Electronic Associates, Inc. in Long Branch, NJ.

EAI dominated the field of analog and hybrid computers used by NASA, universities, and research organizations in the simulation of large, complex problems, such as space travel, nuclear reactor power plants, and oil refineries.

After working for a number of large and small companies in the computer field, including NCR Corporation in Dayton, Ohio, Peter founded High Performance Software, Inc.. HPS developed and marketed software products for simulating and analyzing the behavior of computer systems and networks. While at NCR, Peter did pioneering work in this area, helping NCR optimize the performance of several major products in the point-of-sale industry. He published and presented many TECHNICAL PAPERS* in the field of computer simulation and performance analysis.

A second series of applications developed by HPS focused on the retail industry. These products involved computer-to-computer communications and were used by retailers to collect data from multiple sites and update a central database. Time and attendance data collection was another area of product offerings.

Broadleaf Computer Services draws on this background of knowledge and understanding of computers, systems, and networks to create innovative and useful solutions for today's small businesses and individual computer users. Our passion is helping people, and in particular small business owners and entrepreneurs, use computer technology to save time, manage information, reduce cost, and improve the profitability of their organizations.