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Broadleaf Computer Services has the experience to build custom web sites using basic programming skills, rather than relying on a tool that produces ‘cookie cutter’ web pages. We are experienced in HTML, XHTML, Javascript, Style Sheets, and server CGI scripting. These are the basic tools we use to build your web site. This way, you get a web site that has a solid foundation based on accepted programming principles – code that is easy to maintain and modify and is not cluttered with features you are not using and don’t need. This means that if you wish to make changes to your site, you are not locked in to using “Whoopdedoo Web Builder 3.0” or some other tool. It also means you can have any feature you want wherever you want it on your site.

We also have the experience to develop applications that run on your host’s server. This capability is necessary for certain applications that need to capture or display information that is kept on a server, such as messages from visitors to your site or a database your visitors can search.

We will sit down with you and help you design your site so it is your creation. We will register your domain name and host and maintain your site.