Cat stress when moving

Cat stress when moving

Moving a cat to a new apartment is always stressful, both for the animal itself and for its owners. It is generally accepted that dogs become attached to a person, and cats to a place, so a change of residence is much more stressful for a pet than we think. Cargo services will help minimize cat stress, but owner preparation is also certainly required.

How to start this complex process? Let’s figure it out. Perhaps the most important point is what you will transport the animal in, as well as what you need to buy and do before that:

Carry bag. You can choose and buy it any to your taste, but if the animal has not seen it before, then you should buy it in advance, two weeks in advance, and gradually accustom it. You can put the bag open and put your favorite toys there, you can just lay something soft there so that the cat gets used to it.
The next item we have is an inspection of the new home for hard-to-reach places and narrow passages (where the animal can get stuck). Objects that the animal can get hurt on, the presence of nets on the windows so that the animal does not accidentally jump out
Gather the essentials for a comfortable pet in advance. It is also better to immediately include a tray, a couple of bowls, toys, filler, and veterinary drugs in this list, as an option, you can take goodies for the first time.
Often people move to apartments with not yet completed repairs, and this is, accordingly, noisy work – installation, furniture assembly, and more. And of course, in order to avoid fear, it is better to move when all construction work is completed.
It is better to cut the claws so that the animal does not injure you, and if the animal is anxious and the cat is motion sick, there are special “anti-stress” drops in the car.

Cat in a boxcat in the box

Moving day
Before that, the cat cannot be fed for about 6 hours, if the road is long so that it does not get sick. The best option while things are loading is to close the cat in a room with a carrier and a pot so that she does all her business and does not run away. Talk to her, they are very smart and understand everything, they perfectly capture intonations and it doesn’t matter what you say, the main thing is to keep a calm tone. It is best to avoid loud music in the car and noise. If it is possible to hold an animal in your arms on the road, this is generally excellent. If the trip is long, it is better to take care of water for the pet.

How to ease the conditions of the cat after the move
The only and most important thing is not to make a victim out of a cat, if the cat does not want to be the first to enter the house, do not force it. You need to let her calmly look around, sniff everything, explore new territory. Prepare a toilet if the pet wants to do his business after the road. Don’t change your meal times or diet, except to reward you with something delicious. Do not immediately throw away empty boxes, cats love them very much. Provide food and water if the animal wants to eat, but do not be alarmed if he does not want to, cats can refuse food from the stress they have suffered for up to two days. And of course, attention, talk, stroke, play.

Moving procedure is very complicated and stressful for the animal, but if you follow the rules, then in principle everything can go easily. But in general, everything is very individual, the most important thing is to give time to look around, smell everything, get used to the new arrangement of objects, to new smells. The most important rule for a successful move is the presence of the owner of the house for the first two days so that the animal feels safe.

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